Dr. Rhyne works from an affordable, private practice fee schedule. Due to difficulties in dealing with managed care companies and drawbacks to consumers that managed care companies pose, Dr. Rhyne only participates in a limited number of these programs. She is very willing to assist her clients in gaining reimbursement from their PPO or POS companies, by providing relevant receipts and paperwork.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Summit Psychological Services accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Additionally, cash, money orders and personal checks are accepted forms of payment.


Because of problems encountered with the current insurance system, Dr. Rhyne will only be accepting insurance on a limited basis as payment for services. Summit Psychological Services will be happy to provide clients with a receipt containing necessary information for self-filing with your insurance company. Due to the reduction in paperwork this change provides, clients will be able to receive services at a lower rate.